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Coffee & Conversation

10:30 am

Worship Service

11:00 am 

KIDGEN (Children's Church)

11:00 am (During the Message) Children share in a collective worship experience for two songs with the whole congregation followed by the Children's message and then their set apart time furthering faith through practical application of the message.

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Ministry on the Move

11:00 am - 1:00 pm -- We believe a ministry is meant to carry beyond the walls of a church building. Once per month we engage in service to our community taking our ministry "on the move"! Sometimes we are offsite with one of our community partners. Take a look at our Facebook page for updates or email to join us on site!

Ministry in Motion

11:00 am - 12:00 pm -- We believe God gives believers a personal mission and ministry to bring to fulfillment and that these are carried out wherever we are called. ReGen welcomes guest preachers and speakers once per month to share about how they are engaging their ministry and mission in their own context. Check the Facebook page for our next preacher/speaker!

KIDGEN (Children's Church)

11:00 am -- KidGen is in session for "on the move", "in motion", and worship Sundays! 

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